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Upon receiving your Dogears plate it will not twist in with your bare hands. We have had to increase the interference of the tabs to make them significantly tighter than original.  So that being said if you have the rubber band mounts it will be stiff the first time installing them.The larger screen Edge computers increase the stress on the mount and those are the computers we see break the most. 


  1. ​​Make sure the DogearsGPS mount can sit flush against the plastic Garmin backplate. You may need to file off the remaining bits of tab you skillfully broke off.

  2. Line up the bottom of the mount parallel to the serial number (this indicates good alignment & fit).

  3. If the mount is aligned correctly and flush with the backplate, install the self-tapping screws. Do NOT turn the screws more than ¼ turn after the screw heads are flush with the mount. The screws are for aligning the mount before glue. 

  4. Do one final check and remove the screws for final installation. (Again remove screws)

  5. Clean the surface of the backplate with rubbing alcohol or a good solvent.

  6. Sand or scuff the plastic boss so the glue or epoxy will adhere to the surface

Once dry, apply Loctite 425 or any super glue GEL to the four areas shown below (make sure it is GEL):  Fill the holes with glue but don't cover your speaker holes with glue. You need to make sure the screw holes have glue in them before reinstalling to reinforce the screws.   Screws do not provide any mechanical strength without being glued as well ( they cannot be any longer or it penetrates the case                 

dog ear ready for glue.jpg



dogearglue blurred .png

* DO NOT USE THREAD LOCKER IT EATS PLASTIC! Loctite 425 is safe for plastic (not included). DO NOT USE Blue or Red threadlocker. 

7. Again insert the screws and tighten ¼ turn after the screw heads are flush with the mount, no more, unless you like the taste of your own tears. .. do the holes have glue in them? Sorry but I get asked too often...

8. Let it all dry. Check your Loctite 425 or glue bottle for dry times. (Gorilla GEL Super glue works too).

9. Inspect your work. Take lots of pictures for social media because you are an amazing DIYer.

10. If you can break our aluminum tabs, let us know and we’ll replace it. In our own destructive testing, it took 8 times more force than the original mount to break (the outside of the case collapsed). There better be a good story in that email you send us too…

11. After all the steps, watch the YouTube video embedded below if you don't like to read..

EPOXY ROUTE: Some users just epoxy the plate to the plastic plate

 A. Clean the base of the plastic boss

 B. Prep the surface with sandpaper or a file

 C. Lather the surface with epoxy, take a deep breath and try not to lick your fingers clean

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